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O&G Projects

FEED and EPCM Services

We provide Front End Engineering Design and Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management Services to the clients form Oil and Gas, LNG, Water and Marine Industries.

Detailed engineering packages

  • Both Oil & Gas Processing Plants

  • Petrochemical Plants (Methanol, Ammonia Plants … Etc.)

  • Prepare Plant As‐Built P&IDs

  • Pump Skids

  • Oil & Gas Transmission Pipelines both hot & cold

  • Utility systems – Storage facilities – Shipping Facilities

  • Glycol Units (Gas Dehydration by TEG for vapor water removal)

  • Amine Units (Gas Sweetening CO2 & H2S removal)

  • Natural Gas Cryogenic Processes (GTL)

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Hydraulic Components and Systems

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants (Produced Water, Industrial

  • Water and Sewage Water)

  • Flare / Blow down Systems


Consultancy and Engineering Solutions:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Cost Reduction Studies

  • Plant Modifications

  • Debottlenecking Studies

  • Process Flare Net / Flare System design & studies

  • Depressurizing Models

  • Stack Design / Dispersion Models

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