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Alyat Free Trade Zone Project

The project of AFTZ is located geographically closely (back to back) to the newly developed Baku New International Seaport of “Alyat”, which gives an opportunity of the improved sea connections with Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and Iran. This is one of the main reasons why Azerbaijan intends to develop a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) near Alyat settlement (60 km south of Baku city)

The plot is located on the transport junction including a seaport, a motorway connecting North-South and East-West and a railway link. The nearest international airport is 90 km away and there is an operational runway for small planes and jets in approximately     10 km. The initial borders of the plot aimed for FTZ is 518 ha (as per currently allocated plot, see explanatory of the plot below) of land in size with the prospect to add another 2000-plus hectares in the vicinity for future development

With the above goals in mind, as one of initial steps towards implementation of AFTZ, the Azerbaijan Government have engaged EZW to deliver a scope of work for the development of AFTZ including Legal basis, Economic Feasibility study and Pre-project technical study as well as Zoning and Master Plan drafting with initial Capex Estimate.

EZW has engaged PAKA ltd to provide the utility capacities and needs estimate, carry out plot initial study and Master Planning Drafting Services for the project. The initial task undertaken by PAKA ltd is to develop a design brief to set out the project content

PAKA ltd Deliverables on this project is listed but was not limited to

  • Master Planning

  • Earth works; including reclamation, and revetments assessment

  • Geology and Topography

  • Surrounding land Study and Land allocation report

  • Conceptual design of

Mechanical & Electrical services (sewage, electricity, lighting, firefighting and security)

Paving and roads

Surface water drainage

Foul water drainage

Potable water system

Sea water firefighting system

Fuel stations

Natural gas system

Electrical distribution system

Area lighting, CCTV and communications

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