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International Sea Trade Port of Baku Alat Terminal

Port of Baku Alyat Terminal Project Engineering Management

  • Coordination the of PMT engineers for the timely return of review comments on the construction contractor’s documents;


  • Arranging technical coordination meetings with the construction contractor and resolving technical queries and issues;

  • Acting as PMT site project manager and supporting site activities;


  • Site facility and machinery commissioning and completion;


  • Ensuring that construction is going in line with the basis of design and engineering philosophies;


  • Reviewing construction contractor’s design of buildings for suitability with regard to the climatic temperature differences between winter and summer, along the specification of HVAC system design and appropriate equipment selection;


  • Coordination of all machinery and equipment purchases from technical perspective and work closely with purchasing authorities to provide technical expertise and support;


  • Acting as process engineer for any processes taking place on site (e.g sewage treatment, water treatment etc);


  • Supervising corrosion and welding, HVAC engineering, HSE engineering and QA engineering.

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